This term means medicine and was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India.
Do you ever have questions on how to safely take your medicines?

Medication errors can happen in clinics and hospitals, pharmacies, and at home. Patients and healthcare providers, however, can work together to help prevent these errors.

Follow our patient Anna as she makes the most of visits with her healthcare team and pays attention to how to take her medicines at home.

For medicine safety tips that may help you take medicines more safely, keep reading and be sure to click on the blue boxes below for even more information.
Become familiar with the effects of your medicine. Discuss potential effects and side effects with your doctor so you know what to expect. Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) leaflets provide detailed information and can also be helpful, especially if you take a number of medicines long-term. CMI leaflets are available from your doctor or pharmacist or you can use our CMI search. The NPS MedicineWise app can help you keep track if you take multiple medicines.
Always follow the instructions that come with your medicine. Read the label carefully. If in doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist.
Discuss with your doctor any alternatives to the medicine if you are not sure about the one being prescribed. One medicine may suit you better than another or there may be other forms of treatment.
Be sure to keep your doctor informed of all types of treatments that you are taking, including over-the-counter products, complementary medicines, vitamins, minerals, and herbal and food supplements, as they may interact with the prescribed medicine visit
Always discuss over-the-counter products with your pharmacist to make sure that any product you buy will not interact with your prescribed medicines.
Discuss with your doctor or pharmacist what precautions (if any) should be taken when using your prescribed medicine. For example, mixing alcohol with some medicines can cause adverse effects such as vomiting or can make a medicine less effective. Check cbdschool.
Don’t share your medicines with anyone else, even if the other person has the same symptoms as you. Similarly, don’t use anyone else’s medicine. Different drugs have different effects on different people the DetoxCenter and you may experience a bad reaction to someone else’s medicine.
Don’t keep old medicines around the house, especially if they have passed their use-by date. Out-of-date medicines may not have the desired effect and can even have dangerous effects. Take out-of-date medicines to your pharmacist for safe disposal .